Event Technology

How big of a role does technology play in your event strategy?

For most clients today, the answer is “pretty big”, and if it doesn’t work as planned, it can have a big impact on your overall event success.

We design, install and support computer networks for exhibits and events of all sizes and complexity.

Let our years of experience help you create a winning technology solution for your next event.

Our Core Services

  • Consulting to determine your technology, equipment and labor needs
  • Equipment rental and certified on-site labor
  • Seamless integration of technical components by thorough coordination with other equipment and service providers
  • Ordering for internet, phone, labor and shipping services
  • Laying and terminating network cables
  • Configuring wired and wireless networks
  • Setting up and maintaining servers, routers and computers on both Windows and Mac
  • Monitoring exhibit security
  • Completing your network assembly and dismantling services post-event
  • Shipping and storage of equipment

Computer Equipment Rental & Purchase

CNS maintains a large inventory of the latest computer and networking equipment. From short-term lease to long-term storage and support for multiple events, we offer a variety of equipment options to choose from. We also sell used equipment.